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What is this?

A website based on the creativity of a one man army known as “gurkoz” a.k.a Jörgen Alexandersson.

First launched way back in 1996, it is an continuous ongoing project. Every iteration reflects some new knowledge attained. Read more about our previous versions here.

Latest news

Gurkoz Productions

We always push towards unknown territories and new exciting knowledge. Trying not to get caught up in the ever changing techno-babble that is the future.

Fear not. We will never limit ourselves by technology, restrict ourselves to trends or follow the mainstream. Gurkoz Productions will always go where creativity takes us, constantly staying hungry for new ways to evolve and fully devoted to bringing you awesome productions.

Gurkoz Games

Everything we create and aspire to at Gurkoz Productions have a strong connection to games. It has always been around us, constantly amazing us with its Interactive storytelling.

This fascination combined with our attention to detail got us starting in game modification. These mods soon picked up attention from the playerbase and even the developers themselves took notice.

In the end, we always wanted to develop our own games and now we are finally up and running!

Gurkoz Comics

Comics have always been a big influence and inspiration to us. We love to develop our own characters and put them in hilarious awkward situations. Comics are a great way to deliver a message with a punch, preferably in a comedic fashion.

What motivates us is the total freedom to create and give life to new exciting worlds. Nothing is sacred in the quest to put a smile on peoples faces.

Gurkoz Ink

In the world of graphical design it is impossible to not come in contact with the ancient art of tattoos. We have the highest respects for the talented artists using the human body as a canvas. A technique where there is no room for errors and the preassure is constant.

In respect to those harsh conditions we at Gurkoz Ink instead focuses on the design aspect. To create something exciting with the possibilities for it to end up on someones skin.

Gurkoz Wear

It is not uncommon to realize you are wearing nothing but branded clothes riddled with meaningless logos. You lose all sense of identity and are turned into a walking advertisement for a mindless company.

In contrast to shopping established brands, Gurkoz Wear specializes in creating unique custom prints found nowhere else.

Gurkoz Canvas

When creating all forms of art there are sometimes work that need that little extra attention. We select artwork that speaks to us in a special way to attempt to enhance it and take it to the next level.

The finished product is an high resolution image ready to be produced and sold using prints or canvas.

Gurkoz Projects

Some endeavours takes more time and effort than others and eventually grows into a separate entity of it’s own. These side projects usually gets a dedicated domain and some special attention devoted to them. Ranging in scope and function they all share the same fact that they need to be experienced individually and have good chance to turn into something great.

Spinal Seed


A Science Fiction world set in an post-apocalyptic future where humanity fights for its right to survival. Now in development by Gurkoz Productions. Like on Facebook at facebook.com/spinalseed or follow on twitter at twitter.com/spinalseed.

Prospect Prototype


A story of a droid and his creator challenging the future. Now in development by Gurkoz Productions. Like on Facebook at facebook.com/prospectprototype or follow on twitter at twitter.com/prospectproto.



Game servers by Gurkoz Productions. We host a number of different servers both public and private. Although it is a hobby project we strive for high availability and custom features.

Khaos Kombat


Khaos Kombat [KaKo] is a English speaking guild in the game Guild Wars 2 by ArenaNet. We are based on the european server called "Far Shiverpeaks". The guild is seeking like minded players to experience this awesome game together. You can safely join and don't be forced into anything other than having some fun.



Tyderium is a English speaking Empire guild in the game Star Wars The Old Republic by Bioware. We are based on the RP server called "The Progenitor". Although it's an "Roleplay" server we are not considered a hardcore RP guild and have no rules to enforce the roleplay aspect.